Prof. dr.  Carl C.Rohde is a worldwide reputed trend watcher and cultural sociologist who  distinguishes himself by his academic depth and by the broad scope of his  empirical research projects. Rohde gives lectures and presentations all over the  world – both in the academic circuit and in the business circuit. 
Rohde  is professor (Applied Sciences) ‘Trendwatching &  Innovation’ at Fontys  Universities, the Netherlands.  
Also Rohde is professor (Applied Sciences)  ‘Trendwatching & Innovation regarding Hospitality’ at the Hotel Management  School, Maastricht, Netherlands. 
His mission at both universities is to make  students and teachers  more trend- and innovation sensitive.

Besides  that, Rohde leads , a  virtual network of market and trend researchers worldwide. Science of the time,  is one of the leading trend watch and innovation research institutes worldwide.  Together with the mentioned universities Rohde at www.scienceofthetime conducts the  biggest international Youth Mentality trend research.  

Rohdes  main topic of research concerns the mentality movements within the  social-cultural climate of this world:

What  ‘moves’ consumer groups, clients and citizens? 
What are the ‘soft spots’ of  a generation?  Of the Computer Generation(s)?  Of the young ones? The stressed  thirty something or the 50+ generation?   Of males and females in different age  groups? What really makes them tick? What are their collective desires, worries,  ambitions?
At Fontys University of Applied Sciences Rohde approaches  these topics with methodological academic depth. 
At Science of the time  Rohde and his team conduct research on the strategic relevance of these topics  for marketing, marketing communication, market research, and for innovative   product development and quality service concepts . Now and in the (near)  future.

During the  years 2010 - 2011 prof dr Rohde has been elected as Trendwatcher of the  Year.
In the year 2011 prof dr Rohde has been elected as Professor Applied  Science (lector) of the Year, in the Netherlands.