Academic Research
●  The School got 6 programs in National Nature Science Fundation of  China, 4 programs in National Social Science Fundation of China and more  than 30  scientific research programs on provincial and ministerial  level. 

● Our  faculty have published dozens of high level academic theses in domestic  and international periodicals. Annual research fundings of the School  are more than 200 million yuan. The Level of scientific research  improves steadily.

●  Recently, the School has hosted a series of International Conferences:  Exhibition Expo education and Research, the 7th Yangtze Delta  universities Forum on Management Science and Engineering doctoral  Collaboration Development the 7th annual symposium of China Management  of Technology (MOT) . These conferences promote  the School's academic  exchanges and enlarge the influence.
Cooperation with enterprises
●  The School now has more than 20 practice bases provided by enterprises.  Students go to these bases to take part in practice training every  year. These bases ensure that our students have more field visits and  opportunities to participate in social practice. They also provide a  solid platform for professional training .

●  The School has signed Cooperative Education programs with numbers of  Shanghai well-known enterprises in recent years. Industry experts and  entrepreneurs are invited as visiting professors to  bring their  specialized knowledge into classroom. They give more than 20 lectures  each year .