The School of  Economics and Management (SEM) is a young college full of vigor and  vitality. In September 2000, when Shanghai Institute of Technology (SIT)  was founded, the DeptofBusinessAdministration of Shanghai College of  Light industry, the Dept of Business Economics of Shanghai Metallurgy  College, and the Dept of Finance and Economics of Shanghai college of  Chemical Engineering , merged and formed the Dept of Economics and  Management Engineering, SIT. In September 2006, the Dept of Economics  and Management Engineering changed its name to the School of Economics  and Management.

SEM  now has 6 undergraduate majors: Accounting, Marketing,Information  Management and System, International Economics and Trade, Exhibition  Economy and Management, and Project Management.SEM hasa first-level  disciplinemaster pilot on Management of Science and Engineering. SEM  boasts 83 faculty members. 25 persons among 63 full-time faculty members  have senior professional titles, accounting for 40%; 45 persons have  master’s Degree or above, accounting for 71.4%. SEM introduces and  cultivates, basically forming a rational structure of teachers. SEM has  more than 1,900 full-time undergraduates.

In  recent years, SEM has made significant progress in terms of discipline  construction, research, and teaching.In 2012, with full support of  school leaders, SEM received a master discipline: Management Science and  Engineering; and established the  Research Center of Management  Science and Engineering  (institute Level).

SEM  obtained an NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China) project, and  more than 20 projects at provincial level ; published dozens of papers  of high quality in domestic and foreign journals with research funding  reaching about 200 million yuan. The Level of scientific research  improved steadily. Recently, SEM hosted International Conference:  Exhibition Expo education and Research, the 7th Yangtze Delta  universities Forum on Management Science and Engineering doctoral  Collaboration Development ; also organized the 7th annual symposium of  China Management of Technology (MOT) .These promote academic exchanges  and enlarge academic influence.

SEM  works actively in the teaching development to adapt to school needs,  working with the school's high-end application integration and technical  personnel training objectives, highlighting the talent cultivation of  application-oriented features, exploring new personnel training model of  the economics and management. SEM signed Cooperative Education programs  with a number of Shanghai well-known enterprise in recent years, and  hired visiting professors and entrepreneurs; bring their specialized  knowledge into the classroom.

Faculty  also conduct teaching reform actively,having access to a number of  reform issues in Shanghai and institute Level. SEM has made remarkable  achievements in curriculum development, academic team building and  laboratory construction.
SEM  attaches great importance to personnel training. Since its  establishment, SEM has been training complex and application-based  economy management talents as an important goal, and striving to improve  students' practical ability.Students are awarded in various  competitions with different disciplines and skills. In recent years,  students have won the Challenge Cup and more than 40other awards  nationwide, more than 60 awards Shanghai provincial level.Graduates  welcomed by enterprises,because they are quick started, adaptable and  loyal .The employment rate remains at 97%.

International  cooperation and exchange is one of SEM‘s significant features and  advantages. SIT has joint education programs with Thompson Rivers  University, Canada (TRU) on Marketing major, which has won public  praise. SEMhas also established extensive cooperative relationships with  many other prestigious business schools internationally, such as  Euromed Management Ecole de Marseille, France; University of Bridgeport,  US; Montclair State University ,NJ, US;Fontys University of Applied  Sciences, the Netherlands.
Facing  the rising sun in Hangzhou Bay, SEM faculty, staff and students, with  full confidence, endeavor to realize their University Dream and  Soar Dreamof SIT.