Department of Management Science and Engineering

The  Department of Management Science and Engineering has 19 full-time  teachers, including 1 professors, 8 associate professors and 9  lecturers.
After years of  development, the department owns one teaching group in quantitative  analysis and one research group of the practical teaching system of  information management. The teaching group in quantitative analysis  endeavors to innovate the teaching methods, teaching models, teaching  contents and teaching means. With the fundamental courses on Statistics,  Operations Research and Econometric and the tools of SPSS, EXCEL,  Eviews and the like, the department has formed its teaching features  with emphasis on the training of basic abilities in quantitative  analysis. 
Currently, the  department offers one bachelor’s degree program in information  management and information system. The characteristics of the applied  talent training system have taken shape. The department has signed  dozens of agreements with many enterprises such as UFIDA Software Co.,  Ltd. Shanghai branch to enable its students to do internship and even  attend customized training programs in these enterprises, which forms  the unique features and the advantage of the department.   

Department of Accounting 

Accounting  is one of the earliest established undergraduate programs in Shanghai  Institute of Technology. The Department of Accounting now has 13  full-time teachers, including 2 professors,2 associate professors and 9  lecturers. Many of the teachers are members of China Accounting  Association, Shanghai Accounting Association, China Financial Cost  Research Association, Shanghai Accounting Information Technology  Research Association, China Institute of Certified Public Accountants  and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. 
The  department has signed an agreement with Shanghai Ruihua Certified  Public Accountants to guarantee that its students do off-campus  internship there. In the last three years, The employment rate of the  graduates is very high for three consecutive years. With their strong  practical abilities, the graduates are welcomed by the enterprises.

To  realize its goal of internationalization, the department will establish  a Netinnet financial decision-making laboratory to usher in a practical  project of SAP enterprise resource management system, which is commonly  used in international companies and set up a new program in  international accounting.

Department of Applied Economics

The  Department of Applied Economics has 16 teachers of staff with 1  professor, 6 associate professors and 9 lecturers. In recent years, many  young teachers have undertaken further training programs by taking  temporary positions in enterprises and working as visiting scholars in  the universities both at home and abroad. The department is responsible  for one key construction course of Shanghai Municipal Education  Commission, four SIT key construction courses, and one key construction  course of the school. Many teachers have been awarded in various  lecturing competitions.
The  Program of International Economics and Trade is the only bachelor’s  degree program in Economics of the university. To meet the need of  inter-disciplinary talents, the department focuses on the cultivation of  student’s practical ability and language communication skills. Through  four years of training, the students will have a clear understanding of  the future positions. By integrating the basic knowledge of  international trade into the real scene, students can foster the  professional abilities such as the ability of negotiation in  international trade, the ability of contract execution and the like.

Department of Business Administration

Department of Business Administration boasts 18 teachers, including 2 professors, 6 associate professors and 10 lecturers.
The  teachers’ research areas cover enterprise management, marketing, human  resource management, tourism management, and exhibition economy &  management. 
Currently, the  department has one Shanghai Undergraduate Educational Highland, one  teaching team at Shanghai municipal level and two school-level teaching  teams. The department owns two undergraduate programs: marketing and  exhibition economy & management. It also has one joint education  program with Thompson Rivers University and one program in marketing in  the direction of intellectual property and Technology. Over the years,  the department has been exploring the reform of school-enterprise  cooperation personnel training.
The  employment rate of graduates is above 98% for three consecutive years.  One team of students won the first prize of Challenge Cup at national  level, 5 teams the third prize at national level and several teams the  silver and bronze prizes at Shanghai Municipal level. 
With  concerted efforts of the teachers, a good atmosphere for teaching and  research has been created in the department, which has contributed to  the department’s great achievement in teaching, specialty construction  and scientific research.